install anaconda Ubuntu 18.04

How to Install python ubuntu 18.04 terminal and anaconda

How to Install python ubuntu 18.04

What is Python?

Here we gonna discuss how to install anaconda Ubuntu 18.04 It’s an object-oriented, interpreted and most scalable programming language these time. Python is one of the fastest-growing languages today’s time. First version Python is created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Python is famous for its speed related to data analysis and visualization. It allows mandatory and optional arguments, keyword arguments, and even arbitrary argument lists.

What kind of platform python offer, or how you can grow with python?

  • Web development
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine learn
  • IoT
  • Robotic
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Other

There are two way many ways to How to Install python ubuntu 18.04

1. Install python directly in Ubuntu through a terminal.
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2. Install anaconda in Ubuntu you can install python along with its libraries
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For Windows user: follow these two steps

1. install python ubuntu 18.04 via terminal

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get -y install python3.X
python --version

If you have any version issue, please refer this

2. Install anaconda you can install python along with its libraries (install anaconda ubuntu 18.04 terminal)

Step1. download the Anaconda installer for Linux

Step2. Verify sha256sum by putting the command on terminal

sha256sum /path/filename

Step3. Install anaconda via bash (Location of anaconda download path: /Downloads/

bash ~/Downloads/

Step4. Type yes and enter for license terms to agree

Step5. Activate installation

source ~/.bashrc

NOTE: to test this use this: 

conda list

Step6. Setup environment for anaconda

conda create --name my_env python=3

Activate new environment variable

conda activate my_env

If still faceing issue click here or contact us directly

For troubleshooting problem on install anaconda Ubuntu 18.04 terminal

Who is using python?

Google, Spotify, Quora, Netflix


Now Python is the most popular language all the time, major companies such as for instance Google, Netflix, Instagram, Spotify are using this programming language and all above we mention hoe to install python install on ubuntu 18.04 via terminal directly as well as via anaconda, Therefore at the end, you are able to install on both platform. The installation part for Window is quite is as compare to Linux, if you facing difficulty you can comment below we will provide the solution. You can follow the official website link which is the best recommendation to install python for (Mac/Windows/Linux) and for anaconda.

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